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Monday, November 14, 2005

All Gourmet Coffee, All The Time

Congratulations. You’ve decided to enter the world of gourmet coffee. It’s a world where the coffee is the tastiest and freshest possible, where the beans have traveled from the coffee fields to the roaster to your mug as quickly as humanly possible. It’s a world where you can shop from coffee dealers from all over the world. You’ll find beans from Africa with their red wine flavors, for instance, or Central America with their smooth acidity and easy drinking taste. What’s more, whatever gourmet coffee you choose, you can be sure that our master roasters will accentuate the exquisite flavors and aromas of each and every blend.

That means your gourmet coffee will arrive at your door with the insurance that all varieties will have consistent quality bean after bean. You see, coffee roasting is as an art. Our roasters know that each coffee bean is an individual, possessing a different size, shape, color, and density. Each demands unique roasting heat and timing to draw out its full flavor.

You can find much more than just gourmet coffee here, too. As all coffee aficionados know, the key to brewing these coffee blends is the right machine. There are still the old-fashioned drip machines, which are one of the easiest types to use for beginners and coffee experts alike. Of course, for the hard-core experts we have the old-fashioned presses and hand brew machines, which are back in favor. Then you have the newest technology, the pod coffee machines. These are like a European coffeehouse machine, infusing hot water through coffee pads. And then for espresso lovers, there are pressurized steam espresso makers.

Make sure, whatever machine you use, to also shop for the proper filter to put between it and your gourmet coffee. The best filters are gold, nylon, or some other permanent filter material. That’s because permanent filters allow most all of the flavor molecules from the coffee grinds to make it into the water.

Our gourmet coffee store also houses one of the best ways to get the best flavor from your blend: bean grinders. Coffee grinders release the bean oils and aromas at the moment you make your pot of java. It’s like getting a fresh cup from a coffeehouse each and every time your brew.

With all of this selection—from gourmet coffee to machines to grinders—you won’t need to go anywhere else to stock your kitchen with the best products available. You’ll have all of the products you need to wow your guests come dessert, and wake yourself up in style each and every morning.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Chocolate covered espresso beans wholesale

The how’s and where’s to purchasing chocolate covered espresso beans wholesale

You want to buy chocolate covered espresso beans wholesale. You know that the Internet is probably the best place to get the right deals and the high-end products. But what you aren’t sure of is how to go about buying chocolate covered espresso beans wholesale without risking your credit card numbers or your identify. Everybody’s heard of those horror tales about people getting their identities stolen and their bank accounts cleared out. It can happen if you don’t know how to shop online.

Buying chocolate covered espresso beans wholesale online, or any product for that matter, is not as frightening or difficult as you might think. You just need to know the precautions when you start entering your credit card numbers online.

First, always know what you’re buying. Although a Web site says it has the best chocolate covered beans, make sure to study the seller’s item description, including any photographs. Watch out for fine print and adjectives that might suggest that what you’ll get in the mail won’t exactly be what they offered online. And remember the old saying, “If something sounds too good to be true….” If those high-grade espresso beans seem too cheap, chances are they might not be as high-grade as you thought.

The second step is to take care how you buy. Before making a purchase at a Web site, find out what type of payments the site accepts and how they ship their products. A red flag could be any Web site that asks for Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or bank account information. You shouldn’t have to give these things for some candy.

Record every purchase you make online, too. That means printing hard copies of all transaction information, including the shipping information and any e-mails that the Web site sends you. Keep the name of the Web site, the official online description of the beans you bought (how many pounds, for instance), and the exact date, time, and price of your purchase. These will be very handy if the Web site shortchanges you.

Worse comes to worse, if you still don’t feel secure buying your delicious candies online, most Web sites also offer an 800 number. That way, you can order your beans the old-fashioned way over the phone. Or better yet, have them send you their wholesale catalog.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Braun 4 Cup Espresso Carafes

Beef up your coffee collection with Braun 4 cup espresso carafes

Braun 4 cup espresso carafes pour one mean cup of java. Experts rave about all of the added perks that the Braun 4 cup espresso carafes have compared to your standard coffee pot drip and espresso machines. Most of these compliments talk about coffee that blows their mind, or how they closed their eyes and could imagine themselves on a gondola in Venice. That’s coming from experts. Imagine what the espresso from the Braun carafe will do to your friends.

First off, the Braun 4 cup espresso carafes get your espresso to the perfect temperature. Believe it or not, but most coffee makers, even espresso makers, fail to get the proper water and coffee temperature. This leaves your coffee lifeless, since proper liquid temperatures are essential for the optimal extraction of coffee bean oils. Expert tests on these Brauns, though, show that they get liquid temperatures more than 10 degree Fahrenheit higher than other machines. For those curious about exactly what level of heat we’re talking, the carafes should have upwards of 200 degrees by the end of brewing. Other lesser machines keep the temperatures down around 180 to 185 degrees.

The Braun 4 cup espresso carafes also do an excellent job of making sure all of your grounds get used up. You want to make sure your machine has a proper dispersion pattern in your filter basket with its steam output. That way, as much as possible will be “spent grounds,” or used up coffee. The Braun didn’t leave too many spent grounds, according to experts, though it did leave some. This, however, is no reason to pass up on this mean coffee machine.

Possibly the finest feature of the machine is its high-quality stainless steel carafe. Many Braun 4 cup espresso carafes come with a “brew-through” design. This means that you don't need to place a lid on it after brewing, or clamp down a lid for that matter. Even after letting it sit around for a couple of hours, the carafe still should retain a lot of those high temperatures we talked about earlier. As for cleaning, the stainless steel should not be much more of a bother compared with glass pots.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Coffee grinders jumpstart your java

All the experts agree.

People who want the best flavor in their coffee use coffee grinders. Coffee grinders work so well because they unleash the bean oils and aromas right before you make a pot. It’s like opening a fresh can of ground coffee each and every time you make some joe.

Of course, besides coffee grinders, there’s also some technique that goes into making a good pot of pick me up. This holds true for both the way
you put your coffee in your Coffee Maker,

the kind of Coffee Maker you have,

and the type of water you use. First, coffee gurus recommend adding two heaping tablespoons of whole beans to the grinder for every six ounces of water you plan to use. To be exact, you probably should measure out your water before you add it to the coffee maker if you are using a drip coffee maker.

As for the type of coffee maker to go with coffee grinders, experts say here that a press pot or a coffee maker with a gold cone, or other permanent filter, is best. Picky coffee drinkers do not use paper filters. They have an aftertaste and absorb the special aromatic oils from the coffee beans that are essential for superb taste.
If you must use paper filters,

try rinsing them with hot water beforehand to wash out the aftertaste.

It is also important to know how long to let your coffee brew. After using coffee grinders, the ground coffee is very delicate. If water contacts it for too long, for instance, your coffee can end with an overly bitter coffee. On the other hand, if water doesn’t contact the coffee grounds for long enough, your coffee may lack its full flavor.

You don’t want to keep your coffee sitting on a burner or hotplate too long either after it’s been through coffee grinders and then brewed. More than 20 minutes after the brewing is done is dangerous because the taste will start to become bitter. And don’t think of reheating your coffee. Talk about rough on your stomach! Follow these tips, though, and you’ll have a stomach, and taste buds, as well as good cups of coffee every time.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Recipe For Mocha Latte

A can't miss recipe for mocha latte

The popularity of coffee shops across America has led to an explosion of tasty and exotic coffee-based beverages. They come in variety of delicious flavors, from chocolate to espresso, mint to strawberry, vanilla and nutmeg. One of the common denominators of all these drinks, besides their frothy appealing appearance, is their price tag. Many cost upwards of five bucks, the same price as many lunches at your local fast-food joint. I don’t know about you, but there are a few other things I’d rather invest my money in than some crushed ice, a shot of espresso, and a plastic cup. Don’t get me wrong, I love mocha lattes just as much as the next person, and I would kill for a recipe for mocha latte that I could use at home. Actually, I don’t need to kill anyone to get a recipe for mocha latte. Here’s one right below!

This recipe for mocha latte starts like a traditional café latte, which in Americans is a lot different from what they do in Europe. So if you’re from Europe, read especially carefully to get the American nuances. Where you come from in most places in Europe, café latte consists of one part espresso and three parts frothed milk. The maker then pours both at the same time into a large bowl or wide brimmed cup.

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Here in America, though, the base of the recipe for mocha latte only sometimes begins with the same proportions of espresso and frothed milk: one to three. Other times, the proportions depend on what other flavorings you add. For instance, if you add whipped cream as a topping, your café latte may consist of one part espresso to two and one half parts frothed milk. That extra half part becomes the whipped cream or other extra flavoring.

In our case for this recipe for mocha latte, our extra flavorings will be the chocolate that gives the drink its mocha name. We will also get a little crazy and add mint to the mix, sort of like a steamy bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Start with 1.75 ounces of chocolate syrup. Pour the chocolate syrup into a 12-ounce cup with 0.5 ounces of cream de menthe syrup. Then add 2 ounces of freshly brewed espresso, topped with the hot steamed or foamed milk. Stir, making sure to lift from the bottom. This will bring the syrups up. Top the whole concoction with a dollop of whipped cream, chocolate powder, and shaved chocolate.

If on the other hand, you just want to enjoy the taste and let someone else make it! Get it here!

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