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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Braun 4 Cup Espresso Carafes

Beef up your coffee collection with Braun 4 cup espresso carafes

Braun 4 cup espresso carafes pour one mean cup of java. Experts rave about all of the added perks that the Braun 4 cup espresso carafes have compared to your standard coffee pot drip and espresso machines. Most of these compliments talk about coffee that blows their mind, or how they closed their eyes and could imagine themselves on a gondola in Venice. That’s coming from experts. Imagine what the espresso from the Braun carafe will do to your friends.

First off, the Braun 4 cup espresso carafes get your espresso to the perfect temperature. Believe it or not, but most coffee makers, even espresso makers, fail to get the proper water and coffee temperature. This leaves your coffee lifeless, since proper liquid temperatures are essential for the optimal extraction of coffee bean oils. Expert tests on these Brauns, though, show that they get liquid temperatures more than 10 degree Fahrenheit higher than other machines. For those curious about exactly what level of heat we’re talking, the carafes should have upwards of 200 degrees by the end of brewing. Other lesser machines keep the temperatures down around 180 to 185 degrees.

The Braun 4 cup espresso carafes also do an excellent job of making sure all of your grounds get used up. You want to make sure your machine has a proper dispersion pattern in your filter basket with its steam output. That way, as much as possible will be “spent grounds,” or used up coffee. The Braun didn’t leave too many spent grounds, according to experts, though it did leave some. This, however, is no reason to pass up on this mean coffee machine.

Possibly the finest feature of the machine is its high-quality stainless steel carafe. Many Braun 4 cup espresso carafes come with a “brew-through” design. This means that you don't need to place a lid on it after brewing, or clamp down a lid for that matter. Even after letting it sit around for a couple of hours, the carafe still should retain a lot of those high temperatures we talked about earlier. As for cleaning, the stainless steel should not be much more of a bother compared with glass pots.


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